Here we go! Biancaevolta produces its first post.

The idea of creating a new, open virtual space arises from the desire to talk about the experiences, news, emotions and everything else we want to share and exchange with you from the world of art and culture.

Why Biancaevolta? We have dipped into the terminology of printing, in which bianca and volta are the terms used to indicate the two sides of a single sheet of paper (recto and verso in English).

When we leaf through a book, the bianca (recto) is the page that presents itself immediately and attracts our attention; volta (verso) comes a little later; it’s a step behind and, obviously, to see it we need to turn the page (voltar pagina in Italian). But it is no less important for all that: it too is full of significance. So why call a blog Biancaevolta? Because what prompts us is the desire to go beyond, to effect that little extra movement required to turn the page and so explore further and pick up that little extra piece of knowledge behind apparent reality.

But what lies behind this apparent reality? It is possible that something else exists, something that lies behind the first page and which, because we’re in a hurry or through oversight, we fail to glean, something that instead requires a careful look in order to succeed in penetration reality that little bit more.

So what will Biancaevolta talk about? Art, culture, a meeting with an artist or with someone with a story to tell, an event not to be missed or which we would like to have participated in, some thoughts which we just have to share with others… and which we hope will draw in those who, like ourselves, feel, want to know, understand and explore ideas, experiences, emotions, accounts and knowledge. But it will above all be an appointment that will be created and evolved as a work in progress, together with anyone wishing to join in this new experience. It will be a meeting place, and a venue for information and exploration. Most of all, it will be our place.

‘Hope to see you soon!